In 1978 the Rose Bros. of Portland Oregon invented a process that could convert wire into a sprayable form. Today Rustbusters, LLC has refined the process and to where  our Rustbuster Spray Welder will convert our patented, space age wire, into a rust free filler or it can be used as a rust free coating that can be applied to any steel surface or part.

Our patented technology can convert rusted body panels, we call them “rust impaired panels,” into useable rust free parts without the use of patch panels or body filler. Our Rustbuster Spray Welder can turn 15-30 hours of intense cutting and welding of patch panels to 4–5 hours of pleasant stress free spray welding.

The simple application you are watching is all that is necessary to permanently repair rust impaired panels. We estimate that the Spray Welder will save 75% of the time it takes to install a metal patch or pre-cut patch panels and is more effective because you make the repair using rust free galvanize as a filler. The product sprays like undercoating, looks like lead, but acts and lasts like galvanized steel. The spray welder can also be used as sprayable filler for panel joints or to repair dents and weakened metal.

Repair to flat panels is possible as our spray welder produces minimal heat and warpage. Less than 120 degrees surface temperature is produced as material is mechanically bonded at 40,000 lbs. per square inch. The coating can be applied as fine a .001 of an inch up to one foot thick!

If you are looking to have rust impaired panels repaired visit our web site @ and click on users to find a location near you. Our Certified Shops can repair fenders, doors, hoods, quarter panels, floors, and roofs, trunks, trunk pans, and cowls and filler panels. Bumpers and grilles can be permanently repaired before plating. Wheels, frames and components can be made pit and rust free. Almost anywhere metal deteriorates, Rustbusters will cure rust! We can also spray and coat with steel, copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

If you are looking to buy or lease a machine. You should know our machines are sold with:
? A One-year warrantee against manufacturing defects.
? On site training at your location for up to 5 employees in the continuous USA
? Off site training can be arranged at one of our locations.
? Complete equipment packages for stand alone business opportunities.
? Protected Service areas of up to 100 miles in some areas.
? Commissions opportunities on future sales.
? Tailored packages for all-in-one, payment buyers.
? 100% Financing to qualified buyers in the form of lease or purchase.
? Up to 6 months no payments for qualified buyers.
? Loaner machines if warrantee repairs take more than a week.
? Round the clock technical support.
? Customized machines for world-wide applications.
? Available Advertising packages for web, print and radio.

For the price of a new truck you could be making thousands with a Rustbuster Spray Welder. For more information call us now toll free at 1-877-642-5677 or visit our web site at