n this picture the area has been sprayed with the  Rustbuster material. A layer of galvanised metal protects the area from future rust.
AfAfter sandblasting to clean the area and expose rustholes small and large. The area is protected and the spraywelder will be used to fill the rust effected area.
     TheThe rust monster has struck again! Eating its way through the 2000 Malibu's. This rusted Malibu quarter panel was recently repaired in our shop using our Rustbuster Spray Welder. The Pictures below follow the repair from prep to primer ready.

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Here the panel is rusted below the fuel door. The Bumper was dropped to gain access to the area. The fuel pocket was removed to avoid damage.
In this photo the area is filed and shaped ready for body filler application to create detail lines and to level the area as needed.
In this photo the area is level and block sanded. Body filler is used to shape the area and replace the contours damaged by the rust repair. The panel is primed and guide coated as you prepare any repair area and painted to match the existing panels. A rust free permanent repair is complete. We recommend a rustproofing material to be applied to the back side of the panel after painting is complete.