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This Spray welder is capable of filling welded joints in the same manner lead is used. Effectively filling joints with Rustfree galvanized metal that will not crack, peel or bleed.

Imagine not having to replace rusted parts. Rebuild window pinch-welds,  rusted floors without patching. Re-coat  panels, fill pitted frames to perfect restoration condition. Flat surfaces roofs and hoods filled without warpage.

Fill panel joints. Blend patch panels. A great addition to any body or restoration shop. Restoration will never be the same! 

Send us a small part to fill and we'll prove to you how well this works!!
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Spray Welding!!!!!!!!!!
Rustbuster Spray Welder, All business when it comes to filling and coating rusted  metal. Take in work you used to send down the road.
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  Before and After: Late Model Honda Typical Rust Area
Cadillac Roof with rust damage under Landau top
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